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The After Shock Micro Stem by BBVapes BRVND is a 3rd generation stem for the Dynavap Tip. The After Shock Micro Stem is also known as the Cloud Maker. Designed and engineered in Canada for High Performance, Versatility and Functionality. 

The After Shock Micro Stem features 316L Stainless Steel material for easy maintenance, cleaning and health. It also has a universal 510 connection tip, so you can use the After Shock Micro Stem with`1000’s of aftermarket 510 tips available in the market. The Vase Tip fits 10mm / 14mm Water Pipe Adapters. Grooved to fit rubberized o-rings, avoiding glass to metal contact. 2 in 1 Jet Lag 510 Tip / Stem for traditional “Dry” method [3mm inner diameter to match condenser with vapor cooling pocket]. Combination of heat-fins, materials and mass help to keep the stem cool to the touch during heavy use.

Key features: 

Universal fit 510 connection Tips.

Made of SS316L, easy to maintain/clean.

The Vase Tip fits 10mm/14mm WPA. Grooved to fit up to 4 orings, avoiding glass to metal contact.

Interchangeable body, option to use with or without air port.

Removable Threaded Micro Condenser (Zero turbulence 3mm inner diameter)

2 in 1 Jet Lag 510 Tip/Stem for traditional "Dry" method [3mm inner diameter to match condenser w/ vapor cooling pocket]

Textured body for easy rotation of the micro stem.


Kit Includes:

-Vase [510 Connection] Hybrid WPA/Tip

-Micro Stem 3pc (x1 Body w/ Airflow, x1 Body w/o Airflow, Heat Fin)

-Micro Condenser

-510 Tip Adaper

-Jet Lag [510 Connection] Hybrid Tip/Stem Extension.

  • Dynavap Tip/Cap in pictures not included
  • Fits all Dynavap Tips.