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About Team TSV

As an avid cannabis consumer in addition to lifestyle photographer for nearly a decade, I’ve had the opportunity to test out many of the latest and greatest products. I don’t mean only TEDs (Thermal Extraction Device, a more accurate term for cannabis flower vaporizers) and glass, either; We’ve handled grinders, rolling trays, all-in-one devices for cannabis extracts (e-rigs), papers and storage, you name it! With help from my trusted friend and local influencer for Vaporlust Media, we saw an opportunity to create a carefully curated lifestyle store for discerning Canadian cannabis consumers that offers only the best quality-crafted devices and other premium pieces, along with personalized support and fast shipping. TSV’s home base is Windsor, Ontario, Canada ; the perfect geographical location to ensure seamless, rapid shipping locally and nationally. As our business grows, so too will our content! Look for our upcoming lifestyle section that will showcase products and accessories that promote healthy outdoor living!