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About Team TSV

As an avid cannabis consumer in addition to lifestyle photographer for over a decade, I’ve had the opportunity to test the latest and greatest devices in the cannabis industry. I don’t mean only TEDs ( Thermal Extraction Devices ), I’ve had first hand experience photographing and testing glass, grinders, rolling trays, all-in-one devices for cannabis extracts (e-rigs), safe storage and just about every type of consumption method from lasers to papers. My focus is to provide a trusted carefully curated, tested and approved catalog for Canadian cannabis consumers that offers exclusively top shelf quality devices and accessories, along with knowledgeable customer support and fast shipping. TSV’s home base is Windsor, Ontario, Canada ; The perfect geographical location to ensure the fastest possible shipping Canada wide. Thank you for visiting www.topshelfvape.ca . Follow us on Instagram @topshelfvape.ca . Please do not hesitate to email us info@topshelfvape.ca . 

Team TSV