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VAPHIT Silver Collar | “VSC” for DynaVap

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  • Vaphit Silver Collar 
  • Medium 10mm 
  • Large 12mm 
  • Compatible with all DynaVap Caps and Captive Caps
  • Made from 99.99% (minimum) pure Silver
  • Includes Silver Buffer (a fine grain file)



  • Heat for three seconds past the click for a full extraction in one! Careful! 
  • After the click ensure the Cap is seated properly, with captive caps it can jump up a little and sit higher than it should for optimal performance.
  • To install the VSC first remove the cap from your DynaVap and insert the bottom of the cap into the VSC. If it is a little too tight simply open the VSC up very slightly, pop it in, then give it a gentle squeeze to tighten it up again. The tolerances on these are high and they require a tight fit to work properly.
  • Always install the VSC as low on the DynaVap Cap as possible (without an overhang) to provide the best performance. 
  • During use and over time the surface of the VSC will oxidise and become dull. This is normal and does not need addressing. However you can polish them up as desired to keep them shiny!
  • If torch cleaning (not really needed or advised but we know people love a torch clean) do not heat the VSC past red hot as Silver melts at just under 1000C and a Butane blowtorch is capable of heating it hotter. This is not an issue for regular use, it takes a larger torch or a very long time, you'd ruin your DynaVap long before and probably melt the hand which is holding it too... Just a safety note, Silver melts innit! 
  • On a related note these will make your DynaVap hotter than usual after user due to the additional thermal mass provided by the VSC. You may need to leave it for a moment between sessions!