VONG 2021 | Dynavap

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Wood and Titanium ambitiously coalesce to form our new interpretation of The VonG. An eclipsing airport is empowered by the VonG's exclusive titanium liner and a precision machined rotating sleeve, retained by dual titanium crowns paying homage to the original Ti Woodies. Moving on to the tip. Nona notched completely contoured extraction chamber incorporates our 2 position adjust-a-bowl and a trisected 5 fin profile. Finally, a combined 10 and 14mm tapered mouthpiece tastefully seals the deal for use with water-pieces.


  • Eclipsing airport design
  • Precision machined rotating sleeve
  • Full titanium liner
  • Dual titanium crowns
  • Trisected 5 fin profile
  • Nona notched completely contoured extraction chamber
  • 2 position Adjust-a-bowl
  • 14 & 10 mm tapered mouthpiece